Benefits of 18-07 Coaching

​Increased profitability

Reduced costs – when an employee leaves it is expensive, and there can be hidden costs too. Costs may include:

– Cost of hiring
– Training and onboarding
– Learning and development
– Opportunity cost of unfilled role
– Detrimental effect on customer relations
– Others wanting to leave
– Productivity drop
– Morale drop
– Negative PR
– Loss of IP
Increase in productivity – the benefits of coaching are well documented. They include:

– Organisations implementing coaching strategies grow faster
– Employees get paid more in companies that grow faster
– Organisations and individuals achieve goals faster
– Stability during change and transformation


​Happier and more fulfilled employees

Happy and fulfilled employees are far more likely to stay with their organisation, as well as being more productive. Benefits include:

– Attraction of talent to the organisation
– Retention increases profitability
– Enhanced wellbeing at work
– Less sick days taken
– Higher productivity
– Increased morale

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”

Stephen R. Covey – Author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

With over 50 years of training, mentoring and coaching experience between the team, we will provide you with the very best bespoke support.

This collective experience has allowed us to develop and create ways of bringing out the best in people.

One on One Coaching

​We offer bespoke solutions. Every organisation and employee has different requirements. We use a goal based approach to work with people to aid organisations and individuals reach their goals faster. Regular sessions are set up to track progress and identify best ways forward.

Team Coaching and Training

Our coaching helps:

Enhance focus and clarity on paths and goals​
Build resilience
Identify and overcome issues and blocks
Develop internal and external relations
Manage teams, managers and stakeholders
Promote wellbeing in the workplace
Maximise team cohesion
Manage organisational change
Employee engagement and retention

Ongoing support

Get in touch – any time. We realise that there are certain times in the year when more support is required. This support
to you doesn’t stop just because the sessions are over. We are always a text, email or phone call away. Our coaching is truly ongoing.

Download our Employee Turnover Calculator to see how much you could save

Testimonials – Corporate

The support we offer is invaluable, but don’t just take our word for it… Read our reviews:

Former Professional Footballer
“Catherine coached me in the first stages of my post-football career. She unlocked ideas and areas of business I hadn’t previously thought about. She gave me a sense of value when I left playing professionally which helped enormously.”
Insurance Broker
Financial Services
“A huge personal thank you for the very high standard of professional coaching support that you provided at a very critical time… you were nothing short of fantastic and I / we will be forever in your debt – I am sure that the skills that you helped the team to develop will serve them well for years to come.”
Director Global Sales
FTSE 100 Tech Company
“Matt came to Germany to coach the team on my recommendation. He was superb in London, but even better here. We all learned a lot and were able to consider areas that we had not thought about before. As usual, Matt was professional, sensitive to our requirements, full of energy and humour!”
Senior Partner
Law Firm
“It is very unusual to have someone standing at the white board who not only knows what he is talking about, but also is interesting, amusing and inspirational. Matt really made the course come to life.”
Director International Wealth
Private Equity Company
“I had no idea what to expect and was slightly anxious – I needn’t have worried! Matthew was everything I could have hoped for in a coach, experienced, calm, un-phased, knowledgeable and huge fun. We have signed on for more and hope that it will become a regular item on the calendar.”
Balfour Beatty
“Catherine has worked with me for a number of years. She continues to be a sense-check and has offered vision and helped me with some gnarly problems during my career progression. I highly recommend.”
Standard Chartered
“I have been coached by Catherine for 3 years – a regular monthly meeting or telephone conversation which is detailed and effective. I have found her insightful, having already come across many of the problems and situations in her own career. Brilliant!”
Founder CEO - Construction
“Catherine’s corporate advisory expertise over 30 years has helped me punch through some situations which were almost unbearable whilst running a company and being responsible for my employees. She’s added value to my business and kept me sane.”

Companies we have coached include: