The 18-07 Story

18-07 started when 3 people met for a coffee. They were talking about how support for people throughout their careers was not adequate.

As the 3 of them were sitting there in the park, on a sunny day in June, they discovered that they not only shared common values and motivations. They also all shared a birthday. So they decided to set up 18-07 to help people throughout the entire life cycle of their careers.

Having someone to speak to.

Having someone to talk through problems and come up with solutions.

Having someone to share successes.

Having a sounding board.

Having someone to be completely honest with them (however difficult that may be).

And, vitally, to have someone who was impartial without worry of ramifications.

To help coach, train and mentor.

These are all vital elements in what 18-07 now provides.

Whether it be how to manage teams, how to manage your manager, how to manage change, how to present yourself in interviews, how to network or how to develop business. 18-07 can help.

We are there with you all the way – get in touch at any time.

“Everyone needs a Coach.”

Bill Gates – Former CEO and Chairman of Microsoft

Meet The Team

Milo Skene

Milo Skene

Milo is the Managing Director for 18-07.  He is a certified Master Coach and co-founded 18-07 due to a strong belief that people can and should strive to have fulfilling and enjoyable careers.

He has been training, mentoring and coaching people for the last 15 years and has helped hundreds of people throughout their careers.

Of note, during his time in the British Army he trained, mentored and coached over 1,000 people for Counter Insurgency Operations across the world

Milo was born on 18th July 1978

Mobile: 07748 104 273

Catherine Brown

Catherine Brown

Catherine has worked as a Personal Performance Coach for 12 years.

She has worked successfully with Premier Sports, Celebrities, CEOs, Founders, Investment Bankers, newly divorced, career change, leadership roles, recovery from burnout and career transformation.

Catherine has a 33-year background in Corporate Advisory and Finance at Director level across diverse sectors.

Catherine is FCA registered, holds a BSC (Hons) in Psychology and is a Member of the British Psychological Society. She is an accredited Coach and holds consultant and non-executive roles.


Matthew van Grutten

Matthew van Grutten

Matthew is one of the three founding directors of 18-07.

After co founding his first business in 1978, he joined the Army, serving in a variety of posts at home and abroad.

Following a stint as an advisor to NATO, Matthew founded Flinch Group, a specialist negotiations and communications skills training company, that trains senior leaders and their teams.

Matthew was born on 18th July 1958


Ed Harden

Ed Harden

Ed comes from a background of professional training and start-ups.

After spending 8 years in the British Army involved in operations and training he moved into Communications Consultancy for 4 years preparing over 100 teams for pitching and fundraising mandates.

As well as running 18-07 Ed is a co-founder of, a social enterprise to revolutionise Corporate Charity Fundraising.

Ed was born on 18th July 1982