17 Aug 2018

Define Your Own Success

18-07 Reflections

An article recently published on www.inc.com by John Hall, CEO and co-founder of Influence & Co., highlighted the importance of defining your own success.

In his article, “Most Successful People Share These 4 Qualities” he notes:

“Definitions of success may vary widely, but the qualities needed to achieve it look pretty much the same.”

“If your definition of success is a happy, well-balanced family life, maybe don’t take a job that won’t allow you to spend time with your family. If success to you is the ability to make a positive difference in people’s lives, then don’t pass up chances to share your expertise and lead your company or industry in a way that helps others. The literal definition of the word “success” is the achievement of a goal or objective.”

By looking at what is truly important to you, as an individual, you can define what success is to you.

This can include work, family life, friends, hobbies to name but a few. One place to start is the “Wheel of Life”. Look at where you are and where you want to be in each segment and think about how one area can affect another:

Don’t feel pressured to define your success by others’ achievements.

The 4 qualities of “successful people” he cites in the article are:

1. They define success for themselves.
2. They work hard.
3. They seek feedback and use it to learn more.
4. They surround themselves with good people.

Read the full article here.

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