09 Apr 2024

Objective Analysis: The Super Power Everyone Has!

Socrates was killed for corrupting the youth of his people and making them question their religious beliefs. I hear you saying, “Why does this matter? Who cares?”. Socrates was not feared because he knew everything, but the opposite. Socrates was powerful because he asked too many questions.

One of Socrates’ most famous techniques is the Socratic method. The method, in a nut shell, goes like this. Pick a scenario or belief and ask hypothetical questions. By doing this, you will slowly start to unravel biases and think differently about a topic. This critical thinking is still used today in legal studies and government.

Don’t just do something. Ask why you are doing it. Questions lead to answers, answers lead to knowledge, and knowledge leads to change. Reasoning and objective analysis have the power to change your career, your relationships, and your life!

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