16 Apr 2024

What Is Normal?

Throughout history, people have categorized people based on averages. These averages could be anything from height, weight, race, religion, sexuality, and other characteristics. Normal is supposed to be the most common attribute based on the variety of results. Essentially, the average is the norm, but what is normal? 

Normal is merely a concept. Normal is differences, flaws, and unique qualities.

Most of the time, society’s perception of normal does not match anyone. “Normal” is not normal. For instance, two statues of the average woman and the average man were on display in the American Museum of Natural History in 1945. The statues used national statistics for every feature to create the most “normal” person for both genders. There was a contest to see if someone matched the statues. With tens of thousands of contestants, not a single one matched the description. The average is an impossible standard. 

Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes and will have distinctive experiences. With that said, trying to be the same is fruitless labor. Everyone is special. Sometimes, the thing that works best for everyone won’t be best for you. Look for what is best for you and what will help you. Focus on what makes you, you. Making your path is the true normal! 

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