02 Apr 2024

Good Luck On Your Test (Studying Tips)!

Studying can be difficult and boring, but studying is a part of life. Whether you are a student or surgeon, you will have to study. As a result, we wanted to share some scientifically proven tricks to help you ace your next exam (whatever that may be)! 

  1. Flashcards – by testing yourself with flashcards you are forcing your brain to remember and you begin strengthening your long term memory. Practice makes perfect.
  2. Mix Your Concepts – by mixing your flashcards with several subjects/concepts leads to higher retention. It makes studying seem more difficult, but your long term memory improves. Sometimes it can even bridge the concepts together allowing for faster retrieval. 
  3. Space Out Your Studying – Cramming is not effective. Spacing out your studying your brain gains more time to rest and allows knowledge to be stored. Making a routine, studying, and giving the brain a break goes a long way. 

As a whole, tests are just that. Life will go on no matter the result, I promise. Take the proper steps, and I know you will do great!


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