09 Dec 2020

Digital Wellness and Christmas Deadlines

The Damage, Explained

In the time of Covid19 using our devices effectively, rather than passive scrolling, is crucial. We are accessible 24/7 and spending less time away from our tech. The temptation to reach for our phones and scroll through our social channels when we hit ‘a wall’ is strong. Whereas, if we were in the office, we would be able to bounce ideas amongst the team. In a digital age it is clear that remote working is here to stay and at times it may feel impossible to get our use of technology under control, as Christmas deadlines approach and office Christmas parties transition to virtual it is essential, we use our screen time mindfully.

Get Your Usage Under control 

Here are our top tips for digital wellness over the Christmas period…

  • Set a schedule and take regular breaks

This may seem fairly self-explanatory but we appreciate that many companies have been reluctant to embrace remote working and employees are determined to demonstrate that it works, in fact approximately 65% of people are more productive in their home office than in a traditional workplace. But, Zoom fatigue and increasing screen time leads to dips in productivity, use your time effectively and ensure you utilise your breaks.

  • Away from your desk limit screen time

If you are curious about your screen time, find your phones ‘screen time function’, on average we spend over 3 hours on our phones per day. Use these hours effectively: listen to a podcast, utilise mindful apps.

  • Re-purpose your commuting hours

The London commute is overcrowded and overheated, for many of us our commute is often up to and over 2 hours a day – this is draining! Now is the perfect time to start virtual exercise classes, whether it be Yoga, HIT or a morning walk, exercise makes us feel better. To note exercising as part of a group is thought to be even better for that sense of euphoria.

Covid has undoubtedly showed us that remote working can be done effectively. In the run up to Christmas and mounting pressures make sure you take time to enjoy the festivities. Post-Christmas is a great time to think about the new year and what it may have in store for you, this could be a career change? If so, our excellent Consultants are on hand to help you through the next steps.

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