12 Jan 2021


Much like in dating, ghosting in the recruitment world involves candidates being left hanging by hiring managers after the application process.

The term ‘Ghosting’ does not apply to roles that you have sent your CV in for and not heard back, sadly this is a common scenario and it tends to be that the Recruiter/ Hiring Manager has been overwhelmed with advert response. ‘Ghosting’ applies when you have every reason to believe you should have a reply, for example post interview. Navigating the job market, implementing a job search strategy and interviewing involves extensive research and ultimately time. Understandably, not hearing back post interview can be devastating – particularly in the current market. More often than not, this is not your fault and you are not alone. To initially avoid being ‘Ghosted’, ensure you follow up post interview and during the interview ensure you are staying on point and answering the interviewees questions with evidence of your experience.

If you are experiencing ‘Ghosting’ or have been ‘Ghosted’ here are our recommendations of how to proceed:

  • Well thought out follow up

At the close of the interview, ask specific questions about the hiring process, the stage they are at and deadlines. Ensure you have contact details! For example, if it was a pre-screen phone call, make sure you have taken down the caller’s email address and phone number. Post interview follow up with a thank-you – you never get a second chance at a first impression and being polite is crucial! This is also a great opportunity to highlight what you have to offer and why you enjoyed the interview. Make a note to follow up with the Recruiter/ Hiring Manager in a couple of days (if you haven’t heard back) this demonstrates initiative.

  • Use other channels of communication

Are you connected on LinkedIn? Send them a polite message asking about next steps. Connect with other members of the team and reach out to them.

  • Time to move on…

Polite persistence is fine but there is a fine line to tread, particularly if the role was via a Recruiter – though they undoubtedly should have come back to you with feedback, if they have a role further down the pipeline and you have used accusatory language it is unlikely that they will consider you for other roles, particularly in the current client driven market. Consider your interview technique, is this letting you down? Particularly as we have predominantly made the transition to virtual interviews. You may never find out why they didn’t come back to you, but this says a great deal more about the company than you. Not every interview will result in a job offer, not hearing back from the interviewer shows a lack of respect for the time and preparation that you, the candidate, has put in. But stay professional, word gets around and it is important to keep your professional reputation intact.

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