23 Sep 2019

Happiness, Stress & Anxiety

Interesting article by Fiona Sturges about Dr Laurie Santos’ new podcast:

Happiness Lab – FT Link

Here’s the link for the podcast if you haven’t got FT access:

Happiness Lab – Podcast Link

In the words of Santos, this is not “a bunch of platitudes, or a load of hippy-dippy BS”. As Sturges writes: “In the first episode, she examines the current spike in feelings of stress and anxiety — in the US, the rate of depression in 20-year-olds has doubled since 2009 — and asks why and what can be done about it.”

She looks at the perceptions and metrics of happiness — what is it and how do we measure it? Among her contributors is the author and academic Sonja Lyubomirsky, who defines the state of happiness both as “being happy in your life, and being happy with your life”.

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