21 Apr 2020

Spend Your Time Wisely: The Covid-19 To Do List.

In times of crisis it serves best to not only count our blessings but also dig deep and look for the opportunities a challenging circumstance presents.  All of us are facing, in different ways, changes and challenges to our normal.

Here is a tick list of some points to remember when making the most of lockdown:

  • Network building
    • Reconnect with your network – remind people you exist
    • Build your network – make contact with those you would like to include in your network
  • Stay in contact with your Clients and Colleagues – we are all in it together and people are as uncertain as you are.  Keeping people, or being kept, in the loop makes everyone feel better connected.
  • Get on top of paperwork/ filing/ clear your backlog of emails – a good clear out can be incredibly cathartic.
  • TED talks/ company reports/ websites
    • Are there things you just haven’t got around to that you would still be useful to listen to/ review?
  • Dust off your CV
    • Is it up to date and does it still reflect you?
    • Is there anything you want to add to make you more attractive to a particular audience?
    • Are you still progressing in the right career direction?
  • Spruce up your LinkedIn profile
    • Make sure it is up to date
    • Renew your photo if necessary
    • Is your “About” section still relevant?
    • Do you have wisdom to impart in the form of an article?
  • Reflect on YOU
    • When did you last feel “happy”?
    • When are / were you at your best?
    • What skills do you want – is now the time to add to them?
    • Does anything in your working life need to be tweaked?
    • Any bad habits need breaking
      • Are you working effectively?
        • Review your working pattern, identify key features
      • If you no longer have a commute what can you do with the extra time?
  • Make a plan for when lockdown is over
    • Who should you prioritise meeting with
  • Look after yourself
    • Eat well
    • Sleep
    • Exercise
    • Read a book you keep meaning to start
    • Check in with your mental health and consider others around you
  • Maintain perspective – identify what you can control and what is out of your control
  • Cancel any subscriptions/ apps you don’t use and download ones that would add to your life both personally and work
  • It’s not just about take but also give
    • Are you in a position to help others?
      • Mentoring
      • Helping a team member
      • Looking at those you manage
  • Polish your shoes and sew that button back on – how you present yourself speaks volumes; make sure you’re ready to face the world when you reemerge!

It may be an idea to keep a note of things you have done during lockdown that you have enjoyed/ found rewarding.

All too frequently our week can feel like Groundhog Day; the same commute, colleagues, lunch options and family routines.  What you’ve noted down could serve as a good reminder of what’s important when we return to ‘normal’ and may even account for things we actively choose NOT to revert to.

We all have an opportunity to challenge what our new “normal” looks likes, releasing practices that no longer bring us joy or happiness.

It is in our own hands.


The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old,

but on building the new.”

– Socrates


Written by Leo Gilliat, Research and Development Director at 18-07 Careers.

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