06 Jul 2021

How to Train Your Personality to Re-Enter the World

Hello, my name is Ethan, and I am an intern for 18-07. I am a college student in the United States, and for the past year I have been doing online classes with limited social contact. This semester my university is going back to 100% in-person classes. I am excited to get back to in-person classes, but I am also nervous as I have not been in a proper education environment for over a year. However, “How to train your personality to re-enter the world” by Christian Jarrett has some interesting pointers on how to smoothly transition back into “normal life” that have helped me. Here are 3 tips to think on concerning re-entering the world:

  • Boost Conscientiousness by practicing seeing effort as rewarding and self-sustaining.
  • Revitalize extroversion by practicing optimism.
  • Set specific plans for personal change

Here is the link to the article: https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20210608-how-to-train-your-personality-to-re-enter-the-world

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