13 Jul 2021

To workplace or not


Over the past eighteen months, life in general has been turned upside down with the onset of the COVID pandemic.  People around the world have had to redefine their home life as well as their work life.  Now that countries are starting to lift restrictions, people want to get their lives back to normal.  However, across the world there has been a shift in the perspective of many things, especially how we operate in the workplace.  Many companies have found remote work to be just as productive and satisfying as commuting into a workplace or traveling across the country or world to conduct business.  Some companies will implement a hybrid method of work with part-time in an office space and part-time in a home office environment.  Others will want to go back full time to the office.

Some questions that may be at the forefront of everyone’s minds when work life is expected to return to “normal” are:

  • Where am I supposed to be working?
  • Can I ask to keep working from home after the advice changes?
  • What are my rights if I am in a vulnerable group?
  • What does my employer have to do to keep me safe?

For a more in-depth inquiry on getting back to workplace “norms,” have a look at the following article:  https://www.bbc.com/news/business-52567567

Image Credit: FlexJobs

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