15 Dec 2020

It’s never too late to start again

Many of us reconcile ourselves to the belief that at some point in life we need to let go of the dreams and aspirations we had and accept that life’s trajectory has led us to where we are, like it or not, and that it’s too late to change now.

Simply put, that’s not true. In your 40s reflecting that the 6 year old you wanted to be a dinosaur or an astronaut should bring a smile to your face but achieving either at this stage is as likely as the other. What if the 6 year old you wanted to be a chef, a designer, a nurse, a teacher, a counsellor? They are real and achievable. No matter what stage you’re at, it is never too late to start again.

  1. Passion. If there is something that you have always been passionate about, you owe it to yourself to explore it. Having a genuine interest in the job you do and building a career out of something that excites you can transform your working life.
  2. New Challenges. A change of career can ignite the brain cells by presenting you with new challenges. Hitting a mental ceiling where you are can reduce the appetite you have for your job. Challenging yourself to change path can open up a whole new stream of learning and experience.
  3. Priorities. Work should not by and large stress you out. If the mere thought of going to work in the morning makes you ill, somethings not right. It’s time to consider your priorities.
  4. Skill Set. The job market shifts all the time. Your career path may have changed beyond what you initially signed up for. Likewise, some careers may be more accessible to you now. If demand for your skill set is waning in what you currently do, find an alternative path before you are obsolete.
  5. Values. Are you the same person you were when you chose this career path? Values, motivations and priorities can change over the years. Are you still on the right path?
  6. Change. If the thought of staying in your current role until you retire brings you nothing but dread, make a change!

At 18-07 we can help your see the wood from the trees, focus in on what it is that motivates you and help shape a plan going forward. We will be with you every step of the way on your journey to a happier, more fulfilled working you.

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