18 Dec 2020

Happy Christmas from 18-07

It would be all too easy to focus on the negatives 2020 has presented us all in one way or the other but here at 18-07 we want to celebrate what 2020 has achieved.

For those who have been brave and sought to make a change we congratulate you. We are proud to say that, since we started three years ago, we have helped over 200 people.

84% of those we have helped have secured a new role within 3 months of working with us.

People we have worked alongside come from a broad variety of industry sectors, professional levels, educational backgrounds with genuine “think big” aspirations. Particularly when it comes to looking beyond their current circumstances.

Congratulations to everyone we have worked with who has found success during Covid-19, including:

  • International NGO to PR Agency
  • Manufacturing to Technology company
  • Recent Graduate to Defence
  • Independent Policy Institute to Risk Advisory
  • Telecoms to Civil Service
  • Government Brexit Response to Environment Policy
  • Property to International Humanitarian Organisation
  • Recent Graduate to Manufacturing
  • Energy Company to Environment Think Tank
  • Start Up Business Development to Financial Services
  • Recent Graduate to Artificial Intelligence company
  • Energy Supply to Commercial Intelligence
  • A mum returning to work to Civil Service
  • Recent Graduate to Special Needs Education

Whatever your background and current situation, 18-07 can help you identify your strengths, shape your aspirations and achieve your career goals faster.

Some articles if you’re thinking about making a move:

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It’s never too late to start again

As we draw closer to Christmas and the end of the year, we wanted to wish you a very Happy Christmas, though it will undoubtedly be different this year. We hope you are able to enjoy the festivities and look forward to the New Year.

What will 2021 bring for you?

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Best wishes,

The 18-07 Team

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