05 Jan 2021

New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! We hope you had a healthy and safe Christmas.

A New Year means new resolutions, with Christmas being different this year it gave us more time than usual to revaluate and take stock. On average we spend 84,365 hours of our lifespan at work – needless to say it is important to enjoy what you do!

A job search requires a strategy, similar to moving house it does not happen over night and can be a lengthy process, this is particularly poignant following the recent year we have had. Effective goal setting and obtainable targets are crucial to ensuring you stay positive through your search.

There are four ways of looking for a job: speculative approach, networking, agencies and job adverts. Each industry has a preferred method, to create your strategy know your industry and their hiring techniques. It also crucial to realise your strengths, are you more comfortable crafting emails than speaking to people?

With this in mind start your job search by defining your goal, following SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) objectives. For example, set yourself a date for securing a new role and create a timeline with objectives, these must be measurable and realistic.


  • Personal Brand. Your CV and cover letter are unique to you; your CV is your brand! Formulate your master CV and Cover Letter and tailor it specifically for each role that you apply for. Ensuring it is accurate, concise and covers the what both the company and job spec requires.
  • Network. Your network is much larger than you realise.
  • Applications. Apply to X number of roles per week, that you actually want and even if they are above what you perceive as realistic.
  • Follow up. Within 7 days of each application deadline.
  • Wish List. Create a wish list of companies you would like to work with. Send X number of speculative emails/ letters per week and find people to speak with in those organisations.

At 18-07 we are specialists in career change and understand that your experience is unique to you and individual. What you want is different from the next person, and that is quite ok.

Whether you are experiencing an unplanned job transition or just exploring/expanding your possibilities, we are on hand whenever you need us. We are here to assist you through your job search and we work across all industries.

To find out more on how we can work with you through your search, please contact: admin@18-07.com

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