13 Feb 2024

Telling Your Goals To Others Makes Them Less Likely To Happen!

According to research, telling people your goals makes you less likely to accomplish them. By telling others and having them acknowledge your aspirations, the brain gives you the same feelings of accomplishment as when you have completed your goal. That feeling of accomplishment then makes you feel as if you have already done it, thus stopping you from actually doing it. Since the 1920s, several psychologists and scientists have proved this idea’s validity.

In my opinion, a test in 2009 proved it the best. 163 people, through 4 separate tests, were surveyed. They were each asked to write down a goal. Half of the participants had to share their goals with the room. The other half of the participants had to keep their aims to themselves. They then had 45 minutes to work on things that would help accomplish their goals. Those who shared stopped at around 33 minutes on average, while those who remained silent spent the entire time on average. Those who didn’t share said they felt they still had a long way to go before completing their desire. Those who did share said they felt much closer to accomplishing their goal despite spending less time.

It may feel good to talk to others about what you are working on or aspiring to do, but without realizing it, it demotivates you. Keep your objectives to yourself, delay that gratification, and show everyone once you have done what you set out to do!

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