22 Nov 2018

18-07 & MMS Inaugural Wellbeing Event Report

On 26th Sept 2018, MMS and 18-07 ran their first open workshop. To date, we have run these in a closed environment for specific businesses and people. This was a new step forward and one we wanted to prove.

Tickets were sold out with over 80 people turning up.

It was themed “The Power of Now Journey” and an introduction talk as to why and how we need to look after ourselves better.

The tradition in Western society is to look after ourselves last, normally when we are forced through burnout, exhaustion, depression and grief. We also have a physical focus on our health – through medical specialists, treatments and medicine.

What we are not good at is looking after ourselves – mentally, emotionally and physically. There is no ‘Mental/Emotional Help Book for Dummies’.

However, this is changing with people and companies increasingly investing time and resources into how to guide us through the quagmire of stress and anxiety that we experience.

New terminology to describe this and techniques are increasingly emerging: ‘mental health’, ‘resilience’, ‘wellbeing’, ‘wellness’ and ‘happiness’.

Our event got attendees thinking or re-visiting their health and what they saw in their lives. It also enabled them to network and share their stories and listen to other personal stories.


We asked for feedback to understand what appealed to everyone. Here are the main points:

Reaction to the session:

  • 91% of attendees said that they would recommend our session to others.
  • 67% of attendees said that they would like to hear more – deeper into the themes and other sessions.

What would people like to know more about and have in the next sessions?

2 core themes came to the surface:

 1. Relevance to Work

  • “Advice on how to move forward in the workplace”.
  • “Growing happiness in business”.
  • “Extend into how careers are part of life”.
  • “Wellbeing, effects of stress, stress in workplace, overcoming major dramas / challenges / tragedies”.
  • “How to set personal boundaries. Negotiating pay rises”.
  • “Starting a business”.

2. Mental Health

  • “Something on mental health”.
  • “Mental health, confidence, general life experience”.
  • “Mental Health”.
  • “Leadership and the difference it makes”.

As you can see, there is appetite for more. We are currently working on another event – so watch this space.

In the meantime, take care of yourself,


Paddy, Milo and Ed









MMS and 18-07 run workshops and coaching to help people on their journey. If you would like to know more, perhaps as an attendee or speaker, or would like us to come to your company – please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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