30 Jan 2024

How To Give A Sincere Apology!

We all make mistakes. It’s a part of life; however, these actions can hurt others. Whether in your personal or professional life, learning how to show you are sorry is vital. Good apologies have certain characteristics, so here are the key things to know when giving an apology:

1. Accept Responsibility. A centerpiece of an apology is understanding and accepting responsibility for your actions. It’s as simple as that.

2. This is for them, not for you. Everyone knows apologies are difficult, but they are not necessarily supposed to make you feel better. Their purpose is to make the recipient feel better and show you care.

3. Accidents don’t justify actions. Just because something was an accident or not doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer a sincere apology. Accidents can still hurt someone’s feelings just as much as something done intentionally.

4. Use perspective and empathy. Try looking from the other person’s perspective. Use this understanding to form an apology. Showing you understand the other person’s feelings will show them (and yourself) that you are taking responsibility for your actions. Essentially, telling others that you will act differently in the future.

5. Show a plan for the future. Communicate how you plan to change and what you will do to make up for it, called the offer of repair. Common offers of repair are a verbal commitment (something saying you won’t do it again) or a replacement for the thing you broke. Offer of repairs only matter when you

Apologies will not undo what you have done, but a sincere apology is a first step towards forgiveness and change. With empathy, perspective, and responsibility, we can all help the world move one step forward!

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