23 Jan 2024

Research Shows You Do Not Have To Be Talented To Succeed!


Recently, tests measuring success were administered to kids and adults alike. One test was for cadets who attended West Point Military Academy to see who would stay and leave the army. Another was a national spelling bee to see which children were more likely to win. One test was for rookie teachers teaching in rough neighborhoods to see who would continue teaching and who would leave by the end of the school year. In sales, they looked for who would keep their job and who was making the most money. One characteristic indicated success. It was not social intelligence, it was not physical appearance, and it was not IQ. Grit was the indicator. Thus, success is dependent on work ethic. AKA Grit.

But what is Grit? Grit is passion and endurance for very long-term goals. This means persevering and never giving up. Research has even proved there is no relation to any measures of talent and grit! They’re many talented people, but that does not mean they have grit.

Do not forget that hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard!

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