12 Dec 2023

5 Life Transition Tips!



Just got out of a job?

Everyone goes through a transition period in their lives at least once, yet no one ever advises on how to handle it! That is why we are here today to provide some tips. Firstly, there are 3 stages of transition periods, the long goodbye (mourning the past that is not coming back), the messy middle (when you shed habits and create new ones), and the new beginning (when you unveil your new self). Now, on to the tips.

Tip 1:

Focus on what you are good at in the three phases of transitions. When you feel like you have done all you can for that stage, start the next.

Tip 2:

Accept your emotions. Most people face fear, sadness, shame, guilt, anger, and loneliness during this process, but once you accept that this is an emotional experience, life will get easier.

Tip 3:

Try something new. Data shows what we do most during our time of renewing is shed habits/routines/mindsets. By “shedding” we make space for new habits and things we enjoy doing.

Tip 4:

Seek wisdom from others. When you go through a life transition you feel isolated and alone. Find ways to not be alone by others. Share your experience with someone else.

Tip 5:

Rewrite your life story. Your life transition allows you to rewrite how you see your life.


Transitions do not have to be a bad thing. Take this opportunity to grow and watch how your life changes!

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