05 Dec 2023

The Average Person Makes Over 35,000 Decisions A Day!

That is a lot of choices, and according to a recent theory by scientists, decisions might be taxing our energy. We all have a threshold for how many decisions we can make. When that threshold runs out, and can not think properly about a decision. You have reached decision fatigue! Hence candy bars are being placed at the end of grocery stores. They hope you will be at your decision limit and will give in to your cravings. To combat decision fatigue try cutting down the decisions you make in a day. Maybe try what Tony Stubbleline, the CEO of Coach.me, does.

A decision budget!

Set a budget for decisions you can make in your day. Only allow yourself to make a certain amount of decisions in a day and “spend” them throughout. Or maybe try the Steve Jobs technique, and cut as many minor decisions from your life as possible. For instance, Steve Jobs would famously wear the same outfit every day to prevent wasting time and making unimportant decisions.

As a whole, decisions can be exhausting, and minor decisions cost us energy. Simplify them or get rid of them. Save yourself the energy!

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