28 Nov 2023

Our judgment and decision making is biased!

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Judgment, predictions, and decisions are, more often than not, dependent on mindset. That said, if you believe in something you are more likely to believe in facts that support your beliefs and see opposing points of view/ideas as an attack on your opinion. You want to defend your beliefs even when there is disputing evidence. This is called the Soldier’s Mindset, and it is not helpful. Our consciousness is biased! However, there is a solution. They’re people who can cut through their biases and judgment with a Scout’s Mindset.

Scout’s Mindset, is trying to get the most accurate and honest picture of reality, even if it is unpleasant or inconvenient. Scouts are curious. They want to learn more and are okay with being wrong. They get intrigued when they are incorrect because they can learn more. They are willing to change their mind. To improve your judgment start to be proud when you are wrong, not ashamed. Begin to feel pleased when you learn something new, not defensive!

Do you want to defend your beliefs, or do you want to see the world as clearly as you can?

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