22 Nov 2023

Want to overcome stage fright? Here is how!



The best way to learn to overcome stage fright is to know how it works!


When you get stage fright before you speak publicly, it comes from this fear of reputation. It is a primal feeling that stems from the fight-or-flight response. In reality, it is only a speech, but your brain believes predators are watching. Your body is preparing to fight to death or run for your life.

Your hypothalamus tells your pituitary gland to release adrenaline into your bloodstream as your public speaking. Your hands and legs shake (muscles preparing to attack/run), your neck and back get tense, your blood pressure spikes, and as a result, your stomach shuts down (stopping the delivery of nutrients/digestion) causing “butterflies” and dry mouth. Your pupils dilate, affecting close-up vision, and long-range perspective increases.

Now that you know you are worried because your mind messing with you, here are two tips to help calm you down.

2 Easy Tips:

Practice your speech beforehand so you gain confidence. Knowing what you are going to say is a huge boost.

Before speaking/going on stage, raise your hands above your head, stretch, and breathe. This causes your brain to believe it is relaxing.

Now, remember it is all in your head, and give that speech!

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