02 Feb 2021

Building a Positive Routine

As we move into a new month and further into the new year it so important to maintain a realistic and structured routine (where possible). As the lines between work and home become blurred, we have compiled our top tips to ensuring you stay positive during this time.

Structure your day

We are creatures of habit – breaking the day up into manageable chunks enables us to focus. Structuring your day around wake up times and meals is a great way to build routine. Routines also create a sense of structure and control over your environment, which is important at a time where we feel like we’ve lost some of our freedoms.

Take breaks

It is suggested that short, frequent breaks are better than less frequent longer breaks, so a 5–10-minute break after 50-60 minutes is better than 20-minute break every 3 hours. It’s good to get the blood flowing and take time away from a screen. Try and stick to your working hours, there are many advantages to working from home but don’t let this be a distraction.

Maintain your mental and physical health

It is so important to look after your mind and body, particularly under the current restrictions. It may also be the perfect opportunity to upskill, tidy up your CV and take up a new hobby. Whilst, remembering to take the time to connect with others away from work.

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